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December 7, 2022

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Customer Support

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Registering Your Software

Billing Questions

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Registering Your Software

How do I register My Media Converter?

1. Go to our Online Store and place an order.

2. Get your Registration Key from the confirmation page or email reciept.

3. Open My Media Converter and go to the Register tab.

4. Enter the email address you ordered with.

5. Enter your registration key (copy and paste to avoid typos).

6. Click "Submit."

I'm getting a Registration Error.

I'm getting a "Registration Error: Registration Key"

This means either the email address or the registration key you entered is incorrect. Please double-check that you are entering your email address correctly and using the same address you ordered with. Also, please copy and paste the registration key to avoid typos. Contact customer support for additional help.

I'm getting a "Registration Error: No License Found"

This means you correctly entered your email address and registration key but have no available licenses. This can happen if you already registered My Media Converter on another computer or have used all your licenses. Contact customer support for additional help.

I'm getting a "Registration Error"

This means My Media Converter is unable to contact our registration server. Please make sure your computer is connected to the internet and temporarily disable any firewalls. Firewalls are often a part of your antivirus software, so check there if you don't know where to find your firewall. Contact customer support for additional help.

Where do I find my registration key?

You should have received your registration key on the confirmation page after your purchase. We also include your registration key in your email receipt. If you cannot find your registration key, you can contact customer support for assistance.

It keeps asking me to register.

If you purchased My Media Converter and it's still asking you to register your software, it probably isn't registered. Just follow the steps on How do I register My Media Converter

My registration key doesn't work.

If you purchased the software and cannot register, please contact customer support for assistance.

Billing Questions

What is your return policy?

My Media Converter provides free trial of our software for you to evaluate. We also immediatly register your software once you place an order. Because of this, we maintain a strict no refund policy.

I have a duplicate charge on my credit card.

We are happy to refund any duplicate purchases. If you have more than one charge from us, email us at Our customer service will email you back within three business days with a confirmation of your refund.

Please make sure to include the email address used to make the purchase so our team can locate your order.

Other Questions

What is Extended Download Service?

Get extended registration support for the lifetime of your subscription. If you ever need to reinstall My Media Converter on your computer, we'll provide personal support to download, install, and register your software. Plus, be guaranteed the security of having an online backup of your software if you ever lose your personal backup or setup file.

How do I use My Media Converter?

To learn more about how to use My Media Converter and its different features and tools, please refer to our General Help page.